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Case Histories of Amazing Health Turnarounds
Order The Thyroid Solution Now!

The Thyroid Solution is the key that can help you do all this:

• Lose Weight without Cutting Calories
• Break Free from Fatigue
• Conquer Depression
• Reduce Stress
• Sleep Better
• Cure PMS
• Relieve Menopausal Symptoms
• Slow the Aging Process
• Solve Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue
• Reverse Hair Loss
• Enjoy Younger-Looking Skin
• Lower Your Cholesterol and Blood Pressure
• End Infertility

Order The Thyroid Solution Now!
Order The Thyroid Solution Now!

In as little as 1 week, effective thyroid treatment can begin to resolve emotional and physical symptoms you may have endured for years. This book has changed the lives of so many people. Now it’s your turn.


Excess Weight
Automatically DISAPPEARS!

Julie, a 24-year-old graduate student, was normally a cheerful, outgoing person. But because of a thyroid disorder, she had started to gain weight. Her weight problem affected her self-esteem so much that she became shy and withdrawn.

Julie’s weight gain was the result of three factors:

1. Her metabolism slowed to a crawl due to the underactive thyroid.

2. She burned fewer calories and got less exercise because she was always tired.

3. Julie’s depression and anxiety caused overeating and lowered her self-esteem. This prevented her from going out, which further reduced her calorie expenditure.

When Julie received treatment for her hypothyroid condition, all three factors were resolved. Julie began to lose weight, and her confidence returned. Her outlook brightened and she became more physically active. See Julie’s story on page 119.

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Menopause Symptoms Vanish, Fatigue, Depression, Hot Flashes GONE

Nora, a 49-year-old woman, told Dr. Arem about the mix of symptoms she experienced when she became menopausal a year earlier: “I had hot flashes of increasing intensity. I would want to cry when I felt them coming on, because I knew that for the next 20 minutes or so, I wouldn’t be able to think of anything but cooling off. I was lethargic and taking 3-hour naps, sometimes two times a day! When the menopause hit, I felt like I was becoming seriously depressed.”

Nora tried hormone replacement therapy for the menopause symptoms, but it helped only a little. It was only after Dr. Arem diagnosed and treated her thyroid gland that she felt normal again. She said, “I just felt more well rounded, more balanced, and more optimistic.” Nora’s fatigue, depression, and hot flashes all went away. See page 203.

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Insomnia GONE,

Melissa tried several antidepressants, but none of them cured her depression. As she tells it: “My mind had a dullness. I didn’t really experience life. Sometimes I couldn’t get out of bed. I went to counseling, but gradually I was not able to cope with anything.”

Finally, when she took the thyroid treatment described on page 106, her depression went away. “Now I’m like a new person. I started having energy. In the mornings, I feel good when I get up. My self-esteem is back. I’m sleeping better. The anxiety went down and the mood swings are better.” See page 106.

Order The Thyroid Solution Now!
Order The Thyroid Solution Now! Order The Thyroid Solution Now!